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Iconic Porsche replica will be available with VW or Electric power

ne of the prettiest, and to us most exciting, vehicles on display at the recent Silverstone Classic festival was this replica Porsche – the Chesil Speedster – now under the ownership of Westfield, famous for their Seven-type kit cars.

Why do we say most exciting? Well, this iconic 1950’s style sports car will be available not just with VW 1800cc and 2000cc powertrains; but there will also be an all-electric variant with the equivalent of 120bhp and a 180-200 mile range.

Talking to Westfield MD, Simon Westwood, at Silverstone he explained that the purchase of Chesil allows the Westfield Group to offer an alternative to the more hard-core Seven type car they have traditionally provided. “The Chesil appeals to a different demographic from the traditional Westfield customer, it's more of a cruiser, more comfortable, somewhat more sophisticated than a Westfield.

“And with the option of electric power we think it will appeal to those seeking to reduce their impact on the planet, while still being able to enjoy the pleasure of top-down, open air motoring in a Classic style vehicle. Most electric vehicles are futuristic in looks and not overly appealing compared to cars designed in the 1950’s and 60’s”

The Westfield Group have an in-depth experience of building electric vehicles with their POD autonomous vehicles which are already in operation, or been trialled, at locations as varied as Heathrow Airport, The Lake District National Park, and the London Olympic Park.

The Chesil Speedster will be available in two versions – The Classic Chesil using the VW Beetle flat four, air-cooled engine and gearbox, and the Chesil E with a Hyper 9 electric motor and Tesla batteries. This will be the first fully electric car available for home assembly (although Simon tells me that Westfield will require builders to return to the factory for commissioning of the motor and batteries.)

Prices range from £29,995 for the Classic in kit form to £57,995 for a fully factory-built Chesil E.

The Chesil E at Silverstone was a non-working prototype; but the finished thing will be available for test shortly – so watch this space for our road impressions.


Peter Osborne