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Open Day for petrolheads at Bicester Heritage

Open Day for petrolheads at Bicester Heritage

Bicester Heritage staged the first Sunday Scramble of 2018 on January 7th. and a bright, but cold, morning saw us set out for the former RAF Bicester airfield where, on arrival, we joined a surprisingly long and eclectic queue of vehicles waiting to gain access.

Parking our Avantime in the modern vehicle section we explored the tree-lined avenues packed with an astonishing array of vehicles from all ages of motoring history – and we were not alone. According to the organisers over 2500 people packed into the site, amazing for such a bitterly cold day. Which was great from the organisers point of view, although it did make it a tad difficult to photograph some of the vehicles on show, and meant long queues for the food and toilet facilities.

Neverthless we spent an enjoyable hour or so exploring the various companies now based in the restored base buildings, admiring their wares plus the around 1,000 classic and thoroughbred vehicles displayed outside. Eventually however the cold – amplified by that biting ‘airfield wind’ that I remember from my childhood growing up on various RAF stations around the country – forced us back to the warmth of the Avantime and home.

Our slightly curtailed visit meant we didn't take in all that was on offer – we missed the car club displays out on the grass away from the shelter of the hangars for instance, although we did see a twin of our own Avantime lurking among the classics – but what we did see provided a super interesting morning's entertainment illustrating a wide spread of automotive history within a unique historical setting.

We'll be back for the next Sunday Scramble in April when, hopefully, warmer weather will let us enjoy it even more.

Peter Osborne